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If there was a single word to describe Melissa Papel, it would most likely be “international”.

Indeed, Melissa has traveled all over the world and lived in many different countries.

Born and raised in Paris, France, from a Turkish mother and a French father, Melissa is a blend of several different cultures and speaks French, Turkish, English, Spanish and Azeri, as well as some Russian, Japanese & Italian.


At only 15 years old, Melissa left Paris and moved on her own to the other end of the world to Sydney, Australia, where she learned English and studied theater.

Ever since then, she has lived in Vancouver, Canada where she graduated from the acting for film and Television program of the Vancouver Film School; Macedonia, where she acted in a popular TV series during 35 episodes (“Farewell Balkans”); Istanbul, Turkey where she hosted a weekly TV show during 78 episodes on National TV, and Los Angeles, California where she is currently based since May 2013 and where she established herself as a very proactive actress and the Queen of Networking!


Besides the Television series and shows, Melissa has also been in several feature films, including “The Precinct”, which represented its country (Azerbaijan) at the 2011 Academy Awards, “Smyrn-Of” which was released in theaters in Turkey in 2010, “Discarded”, shot in Los Angeles in 2013, and “Bensiz” ("Without Me”) released in theaters in Turkey in May 2014.


Melissa also directs her own short films and has attended several festivals around the world where she won Awards for her work.


If there was a single quote to describe Melissa Papel, it would most likely be:

“The chief enemy of creativity is good sense.” by one of the masters of creativity itself: Pablo Picasso.


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