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Run                                       Frida, Supporting      Theo Ukpaa, Tiger Republic Films

The Legend of Wasco      Main Newscaster               Arnon Shorr, Viva Pictures

Discarded                            Sami, Supporting           Jeffrey Elmont - Tigertail Films

Escape Artist                       News Anchor         James Garrett – Vision Productions

Bensiz ('Without Me')        Nihan, Supporting- Ahmet Küçükkayali – EraCreative

Off Karadeniz                     Melek, Lead                       Nur Dolay – Orkinos Films

The Precinct                      Sabina, Lead        Ilgar Safat – Nariman Film Productions



The world of Cycling        Host (78 epiosdes)                             KuleFilm / TRT SPOR

Selling Mega Mansions    Principal                                            Robert Bennett, AWE TV

Continuance                       Supporting (1 episode)              Fred Copeland / Cineplex Studios

Vox, Influx                            Lebanese superstar, Co-star        Adrian Fulle / Poya Pictures

Elveda Rumeli                     Recurring (35 episodes)                             Adam Film/ATV

Les Ch'tis à Hollywood      Co-star (4 episodes)                          Banijay Productions / W9

Hollywood Girls                   Co-star (1 episode)                     La Gross Equipe Productions/ NRJ12




Thunder Road,                   Carissa                                       Jim Cummings, Grand Prize Sundance 2016

Christmas Tree                  Eda, Lead                                                        Emir Kumova

The Good Agent               Toni, Lead                                                            Dan Real

BlinDate                               Leyla, Lead                                                      Melissa Papel

There will be peace          French Waitress                                              Donald Watson

Delete Me                           Ms. Wuller, Lead                                           Clarisse Gorokhoff

The Stiletto Sketch Show, (web series – 3 episodes)

The French Touch, (web series – 5 episodes)

Nacho Punch, Peter Gilroy (web series – 1 episode)


COMMERCIALS (selection)


Arrival : Common Ground - Marcus Perry/ Paramount Films (''Arrival'' Film Promo)

Induveca Premium Ham - Diego Sedano / Mala Espina Productions

Weight Watchers - Brendan Malloy/ The Workhouse Worldwide LLC

Cinevative Live Theater TV Spot - Mark Ciglar / Cinevative Productions

Floradyle Teeth Whitener - Karine Lima/ Kael Productions

Clorox Safe Water Project - The Water Brothers productions

Freeway Insurance - Maria Gayol/Confie Productions

Undebate :One World - Julien Seri/ Open House Productions




English - French -Turkish (fluent), Spanish (good), Russian (beginner), Italian (basics).

Voice Over Actor (separate resume available upon request). Professional TV show host

Dancing (Argentin tango, Salsa), singing (Musical experience).

Drivers license (owns a vehicle). Can drive stick/manual. Valid passport.




Hosting Bootcamp                             Marki Costello                                             Los Angeles, CA

Commercial foundation class          Killian McHugh's                                       Los Angeles, CA

Improv 101                                             UCB                                                              Los Angeles, CA

On camera scene study                     John Swanbeck                                         Los Angeles, CA

Intensive improv and shooting        Larry Kent                                                   Vancouver, BC

Active member of Women In Film, Film Independent, and Film Alliance.




2004-2005 Vancouver Film School (VFS – Canada) Acting for film and Television.

2001-2004 Cours Florent – Paris/France (3 years of theater training)

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2010 - present

2010 - present

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